J. Cole Surprises Fan At Her Home To Listen To His New Album.

j cole surprises fan 2

J. Cole is one of the few artists that truly connect with the people. He visited Dallas and dropped by the radio station and chopped it up with radio personality Rikki Ma. One of his fans named Dalia tweeted him saying she and her family wanted to see him. He then replied asking her to DM him her address. Before you know it….guess who is knocking at the door? Continue reading

Florida State University Alumnus Shoots 3 Students Before He Is Killed By Police

Myron May

Florida State University alumnus and attorney Myron May went on a rampage and shot and wounded 3 students in the school’s library after midnight. 1 student is in critical condition, 1 student is in good condition and the last student was saved by his back pack. The bullet hit his books instead of his body. Jason Derfuss recounts on his Facebook page what happened to him.   Continue reading

Monica Is Pursuing A Nursing Career

Monica in scrubs 2

Whenever we talk about someone “making it” we equate that with someone getting a record deal, getting a role on television or in a movie, or anything to do with show business. We never discuss in those conversations the people that graduate with any kind of degree, pass the bar, or start their own businesses. R&B singer Monica is proving that just because she is a famous singer, doesn’t mean in her eyes she has “made it”. The Atlanta native posted a picture of herself in scrubs and an explanation.

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Artist Spotlight: Paco Swartz Releases New Video “Wake Up” Featuring Tommy Bunnz

A few months ago Web Celeb Daily featured Paco Swartz under Artist Spotlight. He is back with a video for a song called “Wake Up” featuring another artist named Tommy Bunnz. The song is very conscious, and is something the world needs to hear. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the nonsense on the radio today. It seems if you are not talking about doing drugs, sex, or turning up, you don’t get air time. Take a look at the video and LISTEN to the lyrics. Continue reading

Is Bill Cosby Talking About Drugging Women For Sex In Stand Up Routine?

I found this recording of Bill Cosby doing stand up for his “It’s True It’s True” comedy album back in 1969. There is a part in the stand up where he discusses something called “Spanish Fly”. Spanish Fly is a drug made from beetles. It is used as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire, however can be toxic and the person taking the drug can overdose.

Cosby talks about being told about the drug when he was 13 and how while at a party he wishes he had an entire jug of Spanish Fly to give to women. Listen to the routine.

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Fans & Celebrities Were Not Pleased With The Aaliyah Biopic. Wendy Williams Addresses Backlash.

Lifetime aired the biopic of late singer Aaliyah. Aaliyah was an amazing entertainer so anyone who does a biopic definitely must make sure it lives up to her legacy. I watched the movie. I did not like it. Now I understand why it was really important to have the family backing the project. Only they really know the personal stories that the world only guessed about. None of her music was allowed to be used in the film. Aaliyah was music, so not being able to hear her was an issue for me. Now it’s nothing against the actors themselves, but casting was bad. None of them even looked anything close to the real people. Don’t even let me get started on the Missy Elliott actress.  Alexandra Shipp portrayed Aaliyah, she is a good actor, but her singing voice is sooo different from Aaliyah.  I feel that they should’ve taken their time with the casting and have the girl study Aaliyah more.

The fans and the entertainment industry were also displeased with the outcome of the movie. I think because Wendy Williams produced it, they expected it to be better. None of Aaliyah’s industry friends or people she worked with wanted anything to do with the film, so people are questioning the accuracy. Celebs sounded off on Twitter with their thoughts  on Twitter, along with meme’s that damn near broke the internet. Take a look. Continue reading