***Exclusive Interview*** Hot Boy Turk Talks Leaving Cash Money, Suing Birdman, Rebuilding His Career, His Position On A Hot Boy Reunion & More!



One day I was talking to my homegirl Dimetria, and she brought up wanting to read stories about what happened to some her favorite celebs. I thought the idea was brilliant, so I got to work on a list of people that I wanted to know “Where You Been?”. Instantly I thought about a group that I looooooooved when I was growing up. I was what you call now a “super fan” for this legendary group. That group was New Orleans’ own ‘Hot Boys’.

I was able to catch up with one of the former members, and one of my favorites in the group….Hot Boy Turk. He gave Web Celeb Daily an exclusive interview about where he has been and what he is up to now. We also discussed the rumors about him suing Birdman for millions of dollars, and his current relationship with former Hot Boys Lil Wayne, Juvenile and BG. Continue reading

Who Is My Celebrity Daddy?


This cutie pie belongs to an actress and an entertainer (music). The dimples on this little guy though are everything! I am actually surprised that a picture was posted of him, being that his mom is very private when it comes to him. Can you guess who it is? Continue reading

Nick Gordon Refuses To Tell Police What Happened To Bobbi Kristina, So Bobby Brown Refuses To Let Him See Her.

Nick Gordon is putting Bobby Brown on blast for not allowing him to see Bobbi Kristina. Gordon took a screen shot of a text he sent to Bobby explaining he loves his daughter, and that when she wakes up, she will be pissed at her father for not allowing Gordon to see her. He says that Bobby is only around to try to take control of the money Whitney left for her daughter.

Bobby Brown says he has good reason for not allowing Nick Gordon to see Bobbi Kristina. Continue reading

Marlon Wayans Audition Tape To Play Richard Pryor Is Leaked

I am really excited to see how this Richard Pryor biopic turns out. I think that Mike Epps was the best choice for the raw comedy aspect of it. Marlon Wayans was also in the running for the role. Pryor’s family actually preferred for Marlon to get the part. Ultimately it wasn’t up to them, and Epps landed the role.

A leaked video of Marlon’s audition tape has gone viral, and we get to see how he would have portrayed Richard Pryor had he been given the role. Take a look. Continue reading

Zendaya Coleman Gives A Classy Response To Giuliana Rancic Saying She Looked Like She Smelled Like Weed.

If you know anything about Zendaya Coleman, then you know that she is a fashionista. She always changes her look when she is out and about. This time, the 18 year old was on the red carpet for the Oscars, and she wore  a classy white dress, and her hair was in the faux locs people have been wearing today. She looked very cute in my opinion. She was very appropriate for her age.

The E! network show ‘Fashion Police’ gave racial criticism when they reviewed her outfit. The cast is known for their shady comments about what “they” didn’t approve of on the red carpet. Specifically, Giuliana Rancic made a very inappropriate comment about Zendaya’s hair on air. Continue reading

Amber Rose Says She Can Finally Let The World Know Who Kanye West Really Is.

February has been the battle of the exes month. As soon as the Kardashians vs Amber Rose beef settles, now its’s Kanye vs Amber. If you didn’t know, Kanye did an interview with The Breakfast Club, and he completely trashed Amber. He said that if Kim Kardashian would have been interested in him back then, he would have never dated Amber. He also went on to say that he had to take 30 showers before Kim would sleep with him. (Caught that shade?)

Amber had a few things to say about his interview. Get this tea below. Continue reading

Did Drake Release The Secret Album To Fulfill Contract With Young Money To Leave Wayne High And Dry?

Drake released the secret album/mixtape “If Youre Reading This Its Too Late” last week, and in just 3 days sold over 500,000 units. He also broke the record on Spotify for having 17.3 million downloads. While Drake is basking in the success of his release, there is talk going around that Drake may be close to fulfilling¬†his alleged 4 or 5 album contract with Young Money. Is he ready to leave? Continue reading