Wiz Khalifa Takes Shots At Amber Rose In New “For Everybody” Track.

2015 seems to be “Drag Amber Rose” year. This time her ex husband, Wiz Khalifa, is letting us know how he really feels in his new track ‘For Everybody’. He is letting it be known that they did not part on good terms.

On the song he talks about how women today are more concerned about degrading themselves for social media and whoever has the most money. He also talks about how when he fell in love with Amber, his family felt he was making a mistake but didn’t have the heart to tell him.

Now lets get to the shade. In the song he says: Continue reading

Steve Francis Gets Pulled To The Ground And His Chain Snatched. (Video)

Former NBA star Steve Francis was at concert in Houston, where a group called ‘Sauce Twins’ were performing. He was on stage with them when all of a sudden he is being yanked around by some random person who was attempting to steal his chain from around his neck. Someone sent TMZ the footage. Take a look. Continue reading

Bobby Brown’s Family Is Shooting A Reality Show

With Bobbi Kristina still being in a coma, drama between Nick Gordon and Bobby Brown, and fights between the Brown family…it has been revealed that they are shooting a reality show. 2 sisters, brother and their kids are shooting about their lives. Of course, the entire incident of how Bobbi Kristina ended up in the hospital will be featured on the show. Honestly, that is what is going to bring in ratings. Continue reading

Member Of 90’s Group Brownstone Dies After A Fall.

If you grew up in the 90’s then you are no doubt familiar with the legendary group ‘Brownstone’. One of the group’s members included Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell. Maxee was at her Denmark home by herself, after attending her son’s soccer game. Her husband, Danish music producer Carsten Soulshock, came home and found her on the floor. Continue reading

***Exclusive Interview*** Hot Boy Turk Talks Leaving Cash Money, Suing Birdman, Rebuilding His Career, His Position On A Hot Boy Reunion & More!



One day I was talking to my homegirl Dimetria, and she brought up wanting to read stories about what happened to some her favorite celebs. I thought the idea was brilliant, so I got to work on a list of people that I wanted to know “Where You Been?”. Instantly I thought about a group that I looooooooved when I was growing up. I was what you call now a “super fan” for this legendary group. That group was New Orleans’ own ‘Hot Boys’.

I was able to catch up with one of the former members, and one of my favorites in the group….Hot Boy Turk. He gave Web Celeb Daily an exclusive interview about where he has been and what he is up to now. We also discussed the rumors about him suing Birdman for millions of dollars, and his current relationship with former Hot Boys Lil Wayne, Juvenile and BG. Continue reading

Who Is My Celebrity Daddy?


This cutie pie belongs to an actress and an entertainer (music). The dimples on this little guy though are everything! I am actually surprised that a picture was posted of him, being that his mom is very private when it comes to him. Can you guess who it is? Continue reading