She Got That Archie Bunker!

Paris Hilton was charged with a felony of a 8 gram posession of Cocaine. She denied that the cocaine was hers and claimed that it was her friend’s purse she borrowed. She says she didnt know the drug was inside. Police also said the car smelled like marajuana and she had zig zag papers to roll the mary jane up with. She could face jail time from 1-4 years and also be fined 5,000$… Now we know that she smokes a lil green now and then…lots of people do, BUT it seems every star is doing lines! Is that the drug that defines a celebrity? SMH these poor stars get this fame and fortune and end up flushing it with the residue. What would even make you curious to try?

Homage Paid To Female Rappers


BET will air “My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip Hop”. It is set to feature Missy Elliot, Trina, Salt N Peppa and other femaile Em Cees. I am looking forward to this documentary because women don’t as much recognition as far as the rap game. We have come a looong way. I’m curious to find out what they will have to say. Tune in tonight at 10pm EST on BET

Fashion From The Hoodie Awards

Last night in Vegas Tiny and Toya hit up the red carpet for the Hoodie Awards. Toya looked very pretty in her all black and that flawless new engagement ring, Tiny’s outfit was cute, I dig the jumpsuit with Giuseppe Zanotti heels. But i was not feeling the blonde and pink. She tweeted that her husband TI wanted her to do it…….hope not. Tiny used to be so pretty in Escape…then she got that work done to her face and…idk

Serena’s New Nose?

Serena Williams's nose job

There is a little talk about great Tennis player Serena Williams and her nose. Certain sites believe she has had a nose job, now from the pics it does seem to be a difference but i know that make up can make your nose look slimmer with the right application process. What do you think?