Shoulda Bought A Condom!

A man from Grand Rapids, MI was sentenced to 23-48 month jail sentence for fathering 23 kids by 14 different women and not paying a fraction of what was required. He owes $533,000 in support AND is living with a woman who is mother of 4 of his kids. Why would you even support a man who does nothing for his kids?  Now I know women are going to be like thats what he gets….blah blah blah. Yes he deserves his sentence but what does that say for the women? Why lay down with a dog who already has fleas? He’s not even a looker. If he is not taking care of his 22 other kids, what makes you think it’s going to be different with you? Now its apparent that some of these kids have the same mother, so , you see he is not doing anything for your first couple, and you have more by him? He needs to have it snipped and tucked. We bring these beautiful kids into this world, but are they for the right reasons? To keep him around? He will get what’s coming to him, because its one thing when you dont want anything to do with the kids, but you are more hurt when you find out the kids dont want anything to do with you. My father actually has this man beat by 7 kids and all different mothers. Damn shame. Women we have to do better, stop allowing yourself to be knocked up by someone you already knew was a deadbeat and then wanna get mad when you get played after the baby was born. WRAP IT UP!

Howard Veal owes $533,000 in back child support

Latest Louies

On I came across a Louis Vuitton that R&B singer Rhianna was carrying. It was HOT! I love the colors. I went to the website and saw the new lines that were dropped this past spring/fall from Mr. Vuitton check it out I posted some of my favs from the site.

this is the one Rhianna has

 the blue is hot!

Now this wasnt a favorite but it shows you only pay for the NAME



I honestly forgot about this group. According to The 1990’s group Immature is back together. They had hits like “We Got It” , “Please Don’t Go” and “Beautiful” (my personal favorite). The lead singer Batman aka Marques Houston, played Roger on the hit show SisterSister. He went solo when the group split up. LDB, he was the one who we never heard but only saw, he got a 9-5, and Romeo, the cute rapper, he worked behind the scenes after his rap career failed. Mattress Music will be their first album back working in 10 years. Im curious to hear what it will sound like. Go to to see the video on what the group had to say about Chris Stokes and the gay rumors with former label mate Raz B from B2k

First Basketball Wives…now FOOTBALL WIVES…Come on VH1!

Ep.101 | ‘Episode 1’

So Vh1 is really trying to go all out for reality TV. I think they are trying to break a record or something. They are airing Football Wives now………………..really? They will consist of (like basketball wives) current, future or former wives and/or baby mothers.  Deion Sanders wife Pilar will star (like Shaunie O’neal), there will also be Melani Ismail, wife of former Panthers/Raiders/Cowboys and Notre Dame legend Rocket Ismail. The other wives I am not familiar with, guess I will have to watch the show. I wont pass judgement right away but it looks BORING already. I’d rather another Flavor of Love was produced.

Gay Men That Marry Women…Is It A Problem?

So today Terri McMillan…for those who dont know….she is the author of the best selling book “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” that was turned into a movie starring Angela Bassett. Any who, she and her exhusband Jonathan, who is 23 years younger, returned to Oprah’s show.  A little back story on the couple: Terry went to Jamaica in 1995 and met Jonathan, 3 months later she moved him into her multi-million dollar mansion.  Three years later they got hitched, but after 6 years of matrimony the ultimate happened…Jonathan revealed he was…GAY!  Then came divorce in which Jonathan sued Terry for spousal support and attorney fees..AND WON. She says she never knew or had any suspicion that he was gay….i could tell from the moment i saw his picture.

I remember when they first appeared on the Oprah show, she had so much anger in her. And he looked like he could care less. This is what he had to say about it,  I came from a culture [where] you suppress your feelings and you’re not open to seeing different orientations, different sexualities,” . “Now I’m embracing my sexual honesty, my truth.”  So this brings me to today’s question…How many men out here are really gay inside and are faking it for their families? I feel like that is like playing with fire. On Oprah’s site there was a post about today’s show. It reads: 

Oprah, please, please tell the other side to this story and other stories like it. I am also a man who got married and actually had children before I had the resources and courage to live my authentic self as a gay person. Yes, as a very young man Jonathan was swept away by the “ideal” of marriage and the religious argument against homosexuality (not to mention Terry’s wealth and influence), but can’t we please celebrate the fact that he had the courage and strength to break out of the double life and to truly be himself. I say hooray to Jonathan and many other men like he and myself.  Woooooooooow is all I can say. Why put your wife and family thru that? I know some men categorize themselves as being “bisexual” but to me, I feel that gay is gay and there is no inbetween. Referencing back to my playing with fire statement, eventually men act on their desires and they begin to become sexually involved with men and women, unbeknownst to the women, and lives are put at RISK. Aids is one of the leading cause to the death of black men and women today. Now dont take this article as gay bashing because I have gay friends, but I dont condone living double lives. If you feel that you have a right to be happy and do what makes you happy…then we should have the right to know our husband/boyfriends sexual preference and if our lives have been endangered. GET TESTED! doesnt he look suspect?…like Ne-yo?