They Finally Admit It…Nick’s Pregnant!

R&B diva Mr. and Mrs. Mariah Carey took to the today show to finally admit what we already knew….SHE‘S PREGNANT! They stated that they were trying to hide it for as long as possible. Carey admitted that she suffered a miscarriage two years ago shortly after their secret wedding. I can understand her wanting to be sure that everything went right before the world knew. Who likes to go thru a public hardship such as that? Anybody notice that Nick is actually looking old? He just turned 30 and he looks as if he is in his late 40’s. Ok maybe im exaggerating but he looked so young for a while. I mean he was looking 12 forever, i thought he was older than 30 though. When he was on All That I heard he was like 30 then lmao. Which would explain the 40 year old look now. The baby should be a very cutie pie, we know if its a girl she will be papmered! Go Mi Mi Congrads! Nick looks like he use to be in one of those 70’s r&b groups. David Ruffin lil brother

Diddy Threatens Baby Mama’s New Man

Remember the movie ATL? Well one of the actors in that movie is dating Diddy’s baby moms (one of many!) Kim Porter. Jackie Long, (the one who was trying to get the scholarship by Lauren London father) is dating Kim (Miss Porter if ya nasty!). Reportedly Diddy doesnt want her to be with anyone if they aren’t going to be together. Diddy reportedly said he would kill Jackie, and “have him erased”. Jackie is filing a police report with LAPD. Diddy is sooooo soft! I would not take his threats serious.   But apparently this isnt the first complaint about Diddy harrassing Porters men….hhhhhmmmmm new promotion Mr. Combs? That seems to be the latest trend, I have something coming out, I need a scandal to help get my ish out there. Jackie look a lil more than happy to be posing with her lol

Monica Turns 30!

My absolutely wonderfule Monica Arnold tunred the big 3-0! Her laker fiance Shannon Brown threw her a star studded bday bash in LA over the weekend. Monica surely doesnt look 30…but that dress looks grandma-ish. Like she is going to a funeral. I’ve seen 40 year olds in a better looking dress. As a matter of fact the majority of the people there had on black or grey. 30 should be colorful and trendy….idk. but peep the pics Monica Arnold and fiance Shannon Brown

Matt Barnes Gloria Govan Brian Shaw and Nikki ShawRaven Symone 

Raven look a lil witchy

Thats that Gloria girl from Basketwives….

TrinaDavid Banner David Banner looks cute



According to my fav TI is not going to serve 11 months in prison. The LA County District Attorney rejected the drug case.  There were too many legal problems with the case. They are not going forward with charges because in the report cops say they smelled weed in the car, but weed was not found according to the report nor booked for evidence.  He also was never asked to provide proof of registration or anything was requested once he was pulled over. He was immediately pulled out the car and arrested. WOOOOOW he really dodged a bullet on that one. Now TIP if you dont do better and get your ish together, there wont be any saving. Drink your lean in the club or at home, or at least dont do illegal u-turns while you “leaning”. God saved you! TEAM TIP! maybe you can get your endorsements back



The 2 biggest attention whores in the industry finally hook up ey? Reports are that Kanye West and Kardashian Kim are a couple now. I remember hearing that Ye was the reason that she and Reggie Bush broke up. Sending stuff thru instant message. But this is an odd couple. Especially with Ye’s new “fashion” style it looks as odd as Bridget and Flavooor Flaaav! IDK bout yall, but im so tired of seeing this Kardashian at every event. Why are you even famous? Oh yea I forgot Ray-J made that bread of your head LITERALLY! lmao well to each its own.


Bun B The Professor

Tripple OG Tripple OG Bun B will be a professor at Rice University this spring. He will be teaching the dynamics in the history of rap music and religion. He calls it the “parrallels and correlations between religion and hip-hop”. Thats what I like to see. Now thats giving back, he’s stepping the classroom.

MTV’s Top 10 Rappers of 2010

So MTV has revealed their list for who they think is the top 10 rappers in the game.  WTF is the first thing I have to say. Second, where did MTV get this list? This had to be voted by 16 year old kids because these people obviously dont know a thing about music. I had a few disagreements with BET but MTV is waaay off. Here is the list so far:  10. Ludacris 9. BOB 8.  Waka Flocka 7. Lil Wayne 6. Nicki Minaj. The rest will be aired Sunday October 24, 2010.  So you know we have some BS in the game, how did Flocka Flocka Flame get on this list? Here is what a MTV exec had to say about it:

“He’s not the most lyrical dude,” MTV News senior writer Jayson Rodriguez admitted, defending Waka’s place on the list. “But these joints, they’re ubiquitous. You can’t go places without hearing ‘O Let’s Do It.’ You hear it everywhere.” Okay so I admit that Flocka’s music is catchy, I dance my ass off to a couple of his songs…BUT how can you compose a list of the top 10 RAPPERS and say that one of the rappers aren’t the most lyrical? Then why the hell is he on the list? They are suppose to list the most lyrical, not the most club bangers.  People can hate on Wayne and call him gay all they want too but is one of the top 3 at least. We’ve heard him bs on some tracks but when he put his all into it HE RIPS IT HANDS DOWN! Playing With Fire on his Carter 3 is proof of that, so him being at 7 is straight bull.  He most DEF is suppose to be above frazzled brain barbie, she got her style from him! He is her biggie and she is his kim, he gave her the style he knew would sell.  I like BOB but I dont know if I would place him before Luda………….This is getting crazy! Tune in 10/24/10 or go to www.mtv/specials/hottest/mc/ to see this BS!