Kim Releases BLACK FRIDAY and Foxy Calls Minaj A Liar!

So Brooklyn’s Queen Bee released a diss track to attack Nicki Minaj’s Romans Revenge ft. Eminem. Minaj did an interview popping off about Kim so I dont see this beef going anywhere any time soon. I say “let them ho’s fight” lol but seriously youtube Black Friday and tell me what you think about it. Also youtube the Angie Martinez interview Minaj did. She says that Foxy Brown told her that Kim was hating on her. Brown says that conversation never happened. Why Lie?

Kim From ATL Housewives Is Pregant By A Falcon

Kim Zolciak Kroy Biermann Life & Style Magazine Pregnant Real Housewives Of Atlanta

For months Kim denied rumours of her being pregnant. The butch DJ she was dating exposed her for being pregnant and said that Kim asked her to help take care of the kid. But on Life&Style Magazine Kim and Atlanta Falcons player (25 years old by the way and Kim claims to be 32 but likes not a day over 43), Kim reveals her announcement to the world. Just Sunday night she was live “performing” on that little show that comes on after the housewives air. Read the Life&Style article below:

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak and boyfriend Kroy Biermann are expecting their first child together! “I was surprised!” Kim, 32, tells Life & Style about the pregnancy. “While it wasn’t planned, God clearly has a bigger and better plan for us and we’re excited.”

At first, Kim denied reports that she was pregnant when a jealous ex leaked the news back in October. “I was appalled and disgusted by that,” she says. “I wasn’t through my first trimester – you never know what could happen.”

But now Kim is three months pregnant and ready to share the wonderful news, telling Life & Style: “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

Kim, who has two daughters from a previous marriage, Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 9, has been dating Kroy since May – viewers saw her meet the 25-year-old Atlanta Falcons defensive end on the Nov. 14 episode of Housewives. “He makes me a better person,” says Kim. “I love everything about him.”

The couple has yet to find out the sex of the baby, but boy or girl, Kim can’t wait to start a family with the football star. “I definitely don’t want to get married while I’m pregnant,” she says. “But I can see myself marrying Kroy in the future.”

I wonder if she will admit it on the show? Hopefully she wont lie about her due date like Phaedra ghetto ass. Congrads Kim, hope the baby looks like him! I wonder what Big Poppa has to say about it.

Trying Too Hard?

Now everyone knows that Nicki Minaj is OVER THE TOP with a lot of things. Now she is doing the multi-colored tips on the hair (which im sure all these wanna be’s will start to jock) which is her on look. But this dress…..can anybody explain the fashion behind this please? I love her bang tho…but this dress, its … of those moments she’ll look back like WTF was i thinking

Minaj Signs With MAC

Nicki Minaj has teamed up with MAC to have her own line of PINK lipstick. It will be a limited edition called “Pink 4 Friday” in respect to her album Pink Friday.  The lipstick is going to be sold on November 26 which is Black Friday, and only available for the next 4 fridays while supplies last. That was a great business move her.

Kanye Is No Quincy!

Kanye West was recently compared to Quincy Jones in US magazine. Quincy did not agree with the comparison at ALL! This is what he had to say:

Us: Kanye West is similar to you in that he’s the producer everybody wants to work with in the last decade….

QJ: How man? No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He’s just a rapper. There’s no comparison. I’m not putting him down or making a judgement or anything, but we come from two different sides of the planet. I spent 28 years learning my first skill. I don’t rap. It’s not the same thing. A producer has to have some sort of skills that enable him to be a producer. It’s totally different to know what to do with 16 woodwinds you know from piccolos down to bass clarinet. It’s a whole different mindset. No comparison. None.

He was then asked what he thought about Kanye. He said :”I dont think about him much, he is a good rapper, but there are plenty of good rappers”.

I told yall Fantasia WAS pregnant!

So FINALLY, Fantasia took the stand in regards to the alienation law suit she has been named in. Yesterday she placed her hand on the Bible and stated that she KNEW he was married, they had sex the 3 days after meeting him in a hotel, and she admitted to having an ABORTION, the same time she had the “suicide” attempt. I made a post about it back when it first happened, asking if she was trying to miscarry. Well of course no cameras are allowed in the court room but snitches are! Im sure more will be added to this story