MTV In The Hot Seat Over 16 and Pregnant

A new episode that will air on MTV of their show 16 and pregnant has caused quite a bit of controversy. The Florida born 19 year old Markai got pregnant and already had a child to take care of. The cameras followed her and on camera she made the decision to have an abortion.  This is what Markai had to say about her choice:

“I get sad from time to time thinking about it but then everything happens for a reason,” she wrote. “God gave me 3 paths to take abortion, adoption, or raising this baby along with another. “I chose this path and I think about how stressing things would have been if I haven’t made the one I’ve made.” A lot of the Pro-Life Advocates are feeling that MTV is promoting abortion by airing the episode.  I dont believe that MTV is guilty of that, for one, MTV works with Exhale, a support group for teens who have had abortions. They are trying to support the teens for whatever decision they make. They arent influencing them to have an abortion or have a baby. Its just cameras following the lives of teens that didnt practice abstinence. I feel it should be a wake up call to any teens and show them that IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU, no matter if its your first time or if he only didnt use a condom once. I am pro life but im not about to criticize a tv channel for they chose to air.  What do you think?

DMX Has A Mental Problem?

dmx mugshot 2010

DMX has plumeted to the ground and beyond since he has fallen off from Ruff Ryders. Earl Simmons (DMX) was sentenced to a year in jail in Arizona for violating his probation. He was put in a psych ward of the prison and is not allowed to have visitors for 30 days while he is getting evaluated. The judge says she believes D is Bi-polar.  He has 25 arrests, 15 misdemeanor and 11 felony convictions. Damn is all I can say. He doesn’t look too sane in the pic above.

Now It’s Gettin Sad..Antoine Dodson…#Cut it out!

This is a pic from Antoine Dodson new video Christmas intruder. I saw the video and it was just ignorant. Does he not realize that he is being made to look like a damn fool? It was funny at first. ha ha But now..its quite sad. Now that you made it, work on the reality show or write a book (by write i mean hire someone to write it for you) about your life in the projects of Alabama. SMH My black people we need to #do better

In Memory of Naomi Campbell’s Edges!

Naomi Campbell is known as a fashionista for her clothes. Hair….not so much. Who knows how long she has been wearing weaves and laces fronts, but look at what it has done to her hair! Ladies, when wearing weaves you have to make sure they are done right because instead of making her hair grow it has made it fall out.  The wind was blowing so hard in Miami you would have thought she was in Chicago (the windy city) Damn, i know she was hella embarrassed

Weezy Loves His Fans

Wayne recently bought one of his fans mother a 11,000 wheel chair. The fan’s 64 year old mother was stuck in her home and became a prisoner. Im sure Wayne could relate to what that feels like. The fan named Roda wrote Wayne everyday while he was locked up and told him things about her life, technically she didnt ask him for the chair. When Wayne was freed he called Roda and asked if a chair had been purchased for her mother. When she said no, he said “dont worry i got you” and got her the top of the line chairs. He will be blessed for it. Its also a tax write off for him too. Too sweet weezy.

RIP Teena Marie

Last night in her Pasadena home, the Fire&Desire singer was found in her bed by her 19 year old daughter, Alia. Alia was out celebrating her bday and she came home and saw that her mother wasn’t breathing. Lady T’s body was transferred to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. She had been in and out the hospital for seizsures. Lady T died in her sleep. Thats a peaceful way to go.  She had a numerous list of hits, my personal fav is Portugese Love. Rest In Paradise A couple of hours before she died, she tweeted  “Sarah Vaughan, may you never get old, and may I never die”…thats eerie

Former Bad Boy Artist Facing 25 to Life!

Remember rap artist G-Dep that was on bad boy? Well apparently he has been trying to get his life together with God, so he walked into the 25th precinct in Harlem, NY and told a police officer he shot a man in 1993 when Dep wa 18 years old. The victim turned out to be 32 year old John Henkel. Dep approached him on a bike preparing to rob him, he resisted and Dep shot him 3 times in the chest with a .40 caliber hand gun. He has been charged for murder and being held without bail. Damn thats crazy.  He says he didnt know he was confessing to murder, he only knew he shot the guy. The victim was pronounced dead at a NY hospital that same day.