Serena Williams The Rapper

Serena-Williamslaunches a rap career

So word on the streets is that legendary tennis player Serena Williams aka S.Williams will be on a track produced by DJ Clue. She allegedly has serious rapping skills that no one knew about. The funny thing is that the first thing that came to  my mind was “here we go, another athelete trying to rap” Kobe tried it (FAIL) Ron Artest tried it (FAIL) Shaq tried it (FAIL) Roy Jones Jr (FAIL) and the list could go on and on. But I am not going to label her until I hear it. She  may be dope.

You know music has become more about just having a catchy tune, it really doesn’t matter what you are saying.  Or if you have a dope writer anyone can be a hardcore thug, with auto-tune anyone can be a singer. But the true musicians who live eat and breathe the craft (and can actually sing/rap) feel like the game isn’t the same. But thats a whole different convo.

Well people are saying that Nicki may have some competition. Lets hear what you got S.Williams!