Ray J Spits On Police Officer After Resisting Arrest


Is Ray J on that narcotic? As a black celebrity you have to know there are things you can and cannot do. According to reports, singer/actor and TV personality Ray J was involved in an altercation at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. He was sitting at the bar when the security showed up to question him about touching a woman’s butt. The security determined that it was incidental and not sexual battery. Ray J was asked to leave the hotel, which he did but when he got to the valet parking lot….things went left. Continue reading

50 Cent Says Beyonce Tried To Attack Him Too

Does crazy run in the Knowles family bloodline? New York rapper 50 Cent is reminiscing about a time Beyonce was ready to show him she was about that life. 50 did an interview with radio show ‘The Breakfast Club’ and dishes on an incident where he ran into Jay Z and Beyonce and B popped off. Check out the interview below. Continue reading

Bet You Didn’t Know : These Celebs Were Related

We have a list of celebrities that are related and some of us did not know were related. Some of them you may have known and others we bet you didn’t know.

al-roker and lenny-kravitz

News anchor Al Roker and rock star Lenny Kravits are cousins. Kravits’ mother was the late Roxie Roker who played Helen on the Jeffersons. Al and Roxie were first cousins.


Funny man Bill Bellamy and former NBA player Shaquille O’neal are second cousins.

More below.

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Donald Sterling Sells LA Clippers for $2 Billion

Former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling finally caved and decided to sell the team. I am sure the Clipper’s coach Doc Rivers was relieved as well as all the black players on the team, being that they do not have to work for a racist owner. (That they know of.)   Sterling reportedly sold the team for $2 billion dollars! The new owner of the team is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer outbid former NBA player Grant Hill who offered $1 billion for the team. He can now sit on his racist ass and not have to worry about feeding or giving homes to black men.

Columbus Short Tells TMZ “I Started From The Bottom Now I’m Here…Back At The Bottom”


A TMZ reporter caught up with actor Columbus Short coming out of a comedy club. The reporter asks him how did he receive the notification he was fired and if his Scandal cast mates had his back. It is sad that he came so far in his career to now be traveling the stand up comedy circuit again.  I am still kind of sad he is getting killed off on Scandal.

Check out the video below.

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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Episode 6 Preview


If you have been following Love & Hip Hop Atlanta then you know the writers have tried to amp it up with drama in every episode. We all know Momma Dee is over the top about her “Prince” Scrappy. This season she has been stirring a pot full of drama regarding Scrappy’s relationships. Since he and his daughter’s mom Erica parted ways, Scrap has been trying to fill his void with an LA woman named Bambi..(I hope that is just her stage name.) who is an aspiring rapper. She appeared on one season of Basketball Wives LA as well. Momma Dee was not fond of Bambi until the two bonded over a miscarriage Bambi suffered. Scrappy also has been being “friendly” with video girl Erika Pinkett. Pinkett is setting all kinds of thirst traps for Scrappy who so far have not fallen victim to.  Continue reading