If You Missed It….(Married To Medicine)


Sundays are all about Reality TV for most people. Last night Married To Medicine aired on Bravo and it was full of hot tea being spilled. Quad and Mariah still have not come to terms with their friendship/feud and it seems people all over Atlanta are throwing shade. There was a fashion show to support survivors of Breast Cancer and all the ladies came out. Atlanta designer Rico Chapelle chimed in on the drama, definitely acting as if he wanted to fight Mariah.

Later on Mariah and Quad get into it arguing like they are in the middle of the hood. There is a time and a place to address rumors, beefs and issues…..a Breast Cancer Awareness Show was not the venue. You also have the new additions Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole trying to play peace maker. Being that they are new to the situation and they don’t really know the history…I would stay out of it. People seem to side with Ms. Quad tho hunny, saying that Mariah really thinks she is Queen B……I’ll let you decide. Click the link and check out the episode.

Ep 7: A Fashion Faux-pas


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