Jay Z and Solange SNL Parody

Jay Z and Solange Explain Elevator Fight Video

If you did not tune into Saturday Night Live on 5/17/14 then you missed the parody of Jay and Solo making a statement about the elevator attack. The parody shows “Solange” making her statements and waving her hands while the bodyguard jumps in between and “Jay” flinching at the same time. Lol.Now to touch on the real public statement made, I think they made it very obvious their PR person wrote the statement, but in reality what could they say? There are reports that Solange is bipolar…I don’t know how true that is but, the way she confronted him and how Beyonce is smirking leaving the elevator, makes me think there was a reason behind it. Check out the parody below


  1. Good to see you Back!!

    This whole questionable scenario between this trio has me raising my eyebrows. Lol. I know this family loves to be private but come on…. Did you really think that acting a fool in public was a good choice? And there may or may not be something wrong with Solange. Maybe even Beyoncé too. You see what kind of family they come from. We know it’s not all giggles and patty cake. (No family is) And I know evey family has problems but to see this is shocking but yet also relieving. If shows the world (fans and stans) that they are REAL people not just an celebrity, image, or brand.

    ….also peeping their Instagram pages it’s a bit suspicious.

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