August Alsina XXL Freshman 2014 Freestyle

New comer August Alsina has been making an impact on the music game since debuting his hit “I Love This’. The 21 year old singer has made it known he comes from the struggle and is proud that he has made it today. In his interview you can tell he is very passionate about his music and his background.  Hailing from New Orleans, he brings that southern charm to his vocals which are so easy on the ear. His hard work landed him a spot on the XXL Freshman list this year.

Alsina is holding r&b for the cover, as he is the only singer among a list of rappers. He definitely has raw talent, but listening to his story you see that he has so much more to him than his voice. He did an interview on Arsenio Hall and explained the big impact that losing his brother had on his life. He stated he would turn in all the fame to see his brother again. His story definitely pulled at my heart strings. Check out the video of him performing a freestyle for XXL. His album “Testimony” is in stores now! August Alsina Tells His Story

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