Did Donald Sterling Stage A Break In?


Did Clipper’s owner Donald “I Don’t Like Black People” Sterling arrange for his former mistress to be robbed? Police reports are showing that there was an attempted break in Monday, at the million dollar duplex that Sterling purchased for V. Stiviano. It is not confirmed if she was in the home at the time of the incident. Whispers are going around that Sterling paid someone to “shake her up a bit” out of retaliation for exposing his racist ways to the public. Sterling has quite the trouble now since the recordings were leaked, in my opinion he deserves everything.

Stiviano has reportedly received many death threats, which she believes Sterling and his circle of “friends” are behind it. I would assume he would try to distance himself from her as much as possible, but he could have definitely paid someone to do it. He has too many other legal obligations to be worried about. Unfortunately, the Clippers will still be tangled up in the mess it looks like for quite some time. Sterling’s wife has filed for divorce in an effort to keep the team and the properties in their family. California law states a married couple who divorces must split the assets equally. I wonder if Chris Paul and the other black players are going to ask the Commissioner to be let out of their contract if that does happen.

SN…Stiviano has been seen walking around wearing a shiny visor….now we know what the visor is for….she says “it is to hide the pain”. I surely don’t see any.

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