Flex Alexander Is Coming To Reality Tv

imageRemember the dad from One on One? Remember the singer Shanice who had hits like “I Love Your Smile” and “Yesterday” ? Well the duo have been married for quite some time and apparently they have admitted to being broke. They have turned to Oprah to produce a reality TV show about being famous and broke at the same damn time. This is a statement from the press release : 

Flex and Shanice realized that they needed to take their wedding vow ‘for richer or poorer’ to heart, so with their two adorable kids, 12-year-old Imani and 10-year-old Elijah, in tow, they moved into a rental home and brought their hilarious extended family into the mix to help cover the cost. A total of nine people, including Shanice’s “momager” Crystal, make this truly a full house where anyone’s business becomes everyone’s business.”

Hopefully it all works out for them. “Flex & Shanice” airs on OWN 5/31 at 10 pm EST. Check out the trailer. They both still look good!

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