More Legal Trouble for Columbus Short

Former Scandal actor Columbus Short has had a rough year so far. He was apart of the cult hit since season 1 playing the ever so smooth Harrison. I am sure he made a nice living off of that character. He lost his job due to the negative attention his personal life was receiving regarding his wife, actress Tanee Short. He has been arrested for domestic violence, allegedly threatening to kill her and himself.

Shonda Rhimes was not having it and did not want him associated with her brand. A judge granted a temporary restraining order against Columbus to stay away from his wife, yet he has violated that order 6 times so far. His wife’s lawyer initially wanted to hold him in contempt but is asking for the order to be permanent. He either has some type of mental health issue, or the ‘Scandal’ life crept into his real world way of thinking. I don’t understand how these celebrities get opportunities that change their lives and they mess it up. I understand we all make mistakes but the road he is going down no one is going to want to deal with him on a professional level. Chris Brown is paying for his mistakes now, will it take for Harrison to have to enter cell block 8 to not ruin what is left of his reputation? Did anyone see the Arsenio Hall interview he did? He looked quite odd if I say so myself. Hopefully he can get it together for their child’s sake and his sanity.

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