Can You Turn A Thot Into A Housewife?

imageIt seems that Tae Heckard gets around and is looking for the next big ticket. Shantae Heckard is known for her role on The Game as a side piece who worked her way to a ring. It seems she is taking that task on in real life. Tae as she goes by was in a relationship with Country Grammar rapper Nelly.

Now she is engaged to Detroit Piston player Brandon Jennings. Now if you don’t know there has been a public backlash regarding their engagement and singer Teyanna Taylor. Taylor who was also engaged to Jennings and admitted he was her first, was also really good friends with Heckard. Now here is where it gets fishy. Allegedly Tae cannot marry Jennings until she officially divorces a woman named Monique  Blanton. Heckard has submitted the papers to end the donestic partnership.

Heckard has a reputation for looking for a meal ticket, which is allegedly why she married Monique to be taken care of. Being that her acting is not great and she is no longer on ‘The Game’, did Brandon Jennings fall victim to her exotic looks? All I keep hearing in my head is Outkast and UGK’s ‘I Choose You’ with 3 stacks saying  “Don’t Do It!” .

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