Hit The Floor Returns on VH1

Okay I don’t know about you but I am very excited about this! Hit The Floor is coming back for season2 on VH1 and it seems like it took forever. Last season ended off with so many cliff hangers and shock moments. From Ahsha exposing who her father is (Coach Davenport), Olivia being fired and Ahsha’s mother Sloane taking her position to finding out that Rick Fox’s character sexually assaulted Mia. After watching the trailer, I see that Ahsha has officially got with Derrick, Jelena is still a bitch and trying to make the girls lives miserable. The choreography is on point! I also see that Ahsha has second thoughts about being with Derrick (Is Germain still in the picture?) and looking at it as a conflict of interest. I won’t tell too much, watch the trailer. Hit The Floor airs Monday May 26 on vh1.

Top 10 OMG Moments of Season 2


Sneak Preview of Seasoon 2!


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