Traci Braxton & Tanisha Thomas Attends Marriage Boot Camp

Well well well…..there will always be 3 sides to the story…his, hers and the truth. It looks like the truth is finally going to be aired. Braxton sister Towanda leaked the news on the BFV that Traci was having marriage problems, and a possible love child somewhere. Now Traci and her hubby Kevin have decided to join the We Tv show Celebrity Marriage Boot camp. The show will follow them as they go through therapy trying to get their marriage back on track. 

Both have admitted to having affairs and they don’t know if things will ever be the same. Are they too far gone? If they both are having affairs it is likely their interests are no longer with each other. Hopefully they can come out on top and not have to go through a public divorce. They are not the only couple dealing with infidelity.  The trailer is pretty intense showing not only them but Tanisha from the BGC turned BGC host and her husband. You can see she has a lot of anger in her. A couple scenes show the couple getting physical in a negative way which is never good. We all know Tanisha can be a little cray cray, but she is definitely bringing back her Bad Girls Club roots by showing up and showing out. This season airs next summer and from the looks of it, that will be the best season yet.

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