Well Damn! Ti and Floyd Mayweather Brawl on Vegas Strip?

According to reports, Heavyweight champ and Atlanta rapper TI got into a heated argument and people are reporting over Ti’s wife former Xscape member Tiny Harris. The brawl took place at Fat Burger in Las Vegas, NV on the Strip. Now we all know TMZ can sometimes be credible and sometimes be totally wrong, so lets call this a speculation until it is confirmed. They are saying TI was hosting a party at Prive and Tiny had been hanging out with the Money Team all day. Also Tiny posted a picture of herself and Mayweathers daughter on Instagram. Atlanta rapper Young Dro is said to have instigated the situation asking questions why Tiny was hanging with Mayweather without Tip. 

A video has surfaced showing Mayweather telling someone “Control your bitch”….we assume it is TI. Later at the Fat Burger the brawl occured. We definitely can see Mayweather is apart of it, we just cannot see TI for sure. An employee received a slash on his face and plans to sue them both. They are saying that TI caused the fight taking the swing at him first. By the time the boys came, both the champ and rapper had already fled the scene. I know TI is about that life and has proven his is not afraid of anyone despite him being small. Yet he approached Floyd Mayweather? We know Floyd has those hands! TI would not have won that round just going blow for blow. I love ya Tip but I have to be honest.

Did Floyd leave Tip like this?


Check out the video, it’s not really clear but it does show Mayweather.

That car Floyd leaving in is nice!

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