TI Responds “Does It Look Like I Got Two Black Eyes”/Tiny Throws Shade at TI!

TI injured hand

The Champ vs the King is all social media is talking about right now. Yesterday we heard Floyd’s side of things, and today we have a video Tip posted in response to the rumor he has two black eyes. He shows he did not get punched but did display an injured hand. Check out the video and Tiny’s shade below.

Now for a little shade. Tiny has planted a Palm Tree hunny! Tiny had a few choice words for social media that blamed her for provoking the fight. She is definitely not #TeamTIP on this one.

“I ain’t put that n-gga in sh-t!! U see that n-gga in the media with different b-tches don’t come at me with that sh-t about no pix with a friend…f-ck u & who ever feel like u!!!!

n-cca u should be asking why I put up with him!!! F-ckutambout!!! U been seeing him in the net time after time on f*ck sh*t!!! So f*ck u hoe & how u feel! I can shove that respect up yo a$$!!!”

Looks like Tiny might be referring to a picture of TI and a woman named Lexxy. Lexxy posted a picture of her at Tips house saying he made her dinner. MessyBoots.com is what that is! Where is the respect here? So if this is really going on, did TI really have the right to approach Floyd? Will this be the end of The Family Hustle? They were striving to have a Cosby appearance, but this surely isn’t how Cliff and Claire Huxtable got down.  Sounds like The Trouble Man is in trouble man!

TI and Lexxy


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