Floyd Mayweather Has Fun With The TI Brawl

The Champ is showing he is not worried about a damn thing regarding the TI debacle. Floyd gave his side of what happened regarding the Fat Burger fight in Vegas. TI never really confirmed anything except he does not have black eyes lol. Well Floyd has taken it upon himself to make jokes about TI  and the accusations of Floyd sleeping with Tip’s wife Tiny. Although the couple is separated, Tip was not happy with Tiny posting pictures with the TMT boxing guru. Check out the video below where Floyd is seen in a strip club making a joke with Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’ playing in the background. Peep the video.

He says, “These ho’s aint loyal! That’s what I told TI! That’s What I told TI”

I’m sure the hustle man will take it to the studio for a diss record or line in a new cd or mixtape. What is a little strange also is he claims to value Tiny’s friendship….yet wouldn’t that be a jab at her as well? Hmmmmm

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