Bobbi Kristina Feels She Should Play Whitney Houston

The family of Whitney Houston is very upset that Angela Bassett is producing the late singer’s biopic with Lifetime. They feel they should be behind the making of the movie. The late singer’s daughter Bobbi Kristina says she should be the only person playing her mother. Now I would definitely have to disagree. Although we have sympathy of Krissy…..her acting chops are not up to par for a Whitney biopic….daughter or not. She also looks nothing like Whitney to me. She looks identical to her father Bobby Brown. From the skin tone, to the front gap, to the nose structure. She would also have to take acting classes, as her acting on Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse was bad. 

I also have heard Bobbi Kristina sing, she can sing……but her voice could not be a realistic version of her mother’s. She took to her Twitter to state that she and her mother confirmed that she would be the only appropriate person to play her mom in any feature about her life. The family feels Whitney is worth more than a television movie. I actually think that a TV movie is a safer route for ratings than a box office movie, and Lifetime premiers always bring in major ratings. Can you see Bobbi Kristina playing Whitney Houston?

Listen to her singing chops.

Bobbi Kristina Singing Adele ‘Someone Like You’

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