Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Episode 6 Preview


If you have been following Love & Hip Hop Atlanta then you know the writers have tried to amp it up with drama in every episode. We all know Momma Dee is over the top about her “Prince” Scrappy. This season she has been stirring a pot full of drama regarding Scrappy’s relationships. Since he and his daughter’s mom Erica parted ways, Scrap has been trying to fill his void with an LA woman named Bambi..(I hope that is just her stage name.) who is an aspiring rapper. She appeared on one season of Basketball Wives LA as well. Momma Dee was not fond of Bambi until the two bonded over a miscarriage Bambi suffered. Scrappy also has been being “friendly” with video girl Erika Pinkett. Pinkett is setting all kinds of thirst traps for Scrappy who so far have not fallen victim to. 

Scrappy has a 30th birthday party and invites both Bambi and Erika. Erika then gives Bambi condolences about the miscarriage and Bambi swings on Erika. Below is the preview of episode 5 where Momma ‘Messy’ Dee sits all of them down for a damn pow wow that turns into a scrap.  Check it out on the link below.

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