Ray J Spits On Police Officer After Resisting Arrest


Is Ray J on that narcotic? As a black celebrity you have to know there are things you can and cannot do. According to reports, singer/actor and TV personality Ray J was involved in an altercation at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. He was sitting at the bar when the security showed up to question him about touching a woman’s butt. The security determined that it was incidental and not sexual battery. Ray J was asked to leave the hotel, which he did but when he got to the valet parking lot….things went left.

The reports say Ray became belligerent and refused to drive off causing a scene. Hotel security detained him until LAPD came and took over. Beverly Hills PD  handcuffed Ray J and stuffed him in the back of the police car which pissed him off. He was enraged he spat at an officer and kicked out one of the windows of the squad car.

Ray was charged with trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest and battery for spitting on the cop. Was he rolling or something? I have been in many establishments in Beverly Hills and they try to keep it as mellow as possible. That was not a good look.

Later that night, he was seen skipping and smiling while leaving jail. This will probably be great for his Love & Hip Hop LA story line.

Click the link below for the video.


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