Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Jep Roadie

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The first feature of the day is an artist that goes by the name Jep Roadie. The Massachusetts  born rapper has a strong following with over 16,000 Twitter followers. His flow is so laid back and mellow, he reminds me of Wiz Khalifa.  Roadie says his entire youth was spent writing songs and dissecting rap culture. He  decided in 2009 to dedicate the rest of hs life to transcending the rap culture. He states music made him get into music. Check out out how he describes himself and his music in his own words below. 

A bunch of trend stealers, a bunch of imitation, a bunch of lies. I want to bring back that rugged feel. Let’s make it cool to say what we really feel. Let’s leave being politically correct to the politicians. In 2014, let’s make it cool to be normal. I promise it is okay to be a black music artist and not wear Jordans. Which is exactly what I am, a music artist. Not a rapper, not an emcee, not a hip-hop artist. I am a music artist. I have never been conventional. I never felt it was possible to be something i’m not. More than comfortable in my own skin. Am I a genius? Not sure I care. All I care about is having genuine lyrics, attention grabbing hooks, creating my own sound. The reason I make music is to address every feeling I have. So that, if someone feels the same way, they now can articulate those feelings. Any subject matter found in my music is there because I actually do that, I have actually seen that, I have actually felt that. It is not because I care about what anyone thinks may or may not be cool. There are a group of real artists in the world who had their culture stolen from them, I am one of them. I was born to attempt to change the world through music. I know every “artist” tries to say that, but what’s the difference between me and them? I plan on proving it. I ain’t trying to start a revolution. Only trying to make the art of music sacred again. “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are”. I just want to be a legend for the right reasons. My dad’s opinion doesn’t matter to me, please don’t think yours will. 

In an interview he says while his friends were filling out job applications he bought a keyboard, the rest is history. He describes his writing process as having an intimate conversation with himself. He includes songs mostly full of insecurities, worries, joy and pain. Roadie says “I deal with my problems by making music, usually. Real fear, real tears, real love, real lust can be found in my music.” which is something I can respect. Now and days it is all about flexing. No real substance to music exists anymore. How can we relate to your reality when your reality is not really REALITY.

Roadie has a new project called ‘Regal’ coming out soon which is being hosted by Rev Run’s son Jo Jo Simmons. One of the songs off the project is called  ‘We Are Here Now”.  When asked to explain about the song he says “I finally found a comfortable place in my new life. I was too faded to realize that I was even further away from where I wanted to be. That song has almost a false sense of security to me. I was doing a lot of smoking, a lot of drinking. I created my own world.”  

I definitely dig this guy right here. His honesty is appreciated and I feel with the right people to keep him grounded he will make it far. I listened to all his music on and I already have some favorites.  Check out his music below.

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This one is my favorite

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