Want To See What Happens When You Steal A Hat From August Alsina?


R&B singer August Alsina is definitely making himself have a bad boy image. But after hearing the story, was he in the wrong or were his actions justified? The other night Alsina did a concert in Little Rock, AR where he decided to crowd surf. Apparently, someone used that to their advantage and decided to swipe his hat.  Alsina got so pissed that he stopped the show, demanded the hat back and told the audience that nobody would be leaving until his hat was given back. Read below for his choice words for the audience. 

“Who got the hat?! On some G sh-t! Don’t play with me like that, my n-gga! I came out here to f-ck with y’all so if you got it, ain’t NOBODY leaving out this b-tch until I get it back! Straight up! Where it’s at?! Are we gon cause a muthaf-ckin riot or what?! Where it’s at?!”

Now for the backstory on the hat. Alsina has expressed how heavy his heart is and he still mourns for his older brother Melvin who was killed a few years ago. It was his brother’s hat that was stolen.

Alsina took to twitter to still show Little Rock some love saying he had fun. Watch the video below, do you think he handled it right?

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  1. Wtf That was his late brother hat… That’s fucked up. A hat Tho somebody stole a hat off this mans head

  2. Yea some people said he shouldn’t have performed in it but why not? He is paying homage for his big bro. Thats one reason why they go hollywood and not get close of ish like that.

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