Giving the Homeless Money Can Land You In Jail?

According to reports, 33 cities such as Daytona Beach, Florida; Raleigh, N.C. Myrtle Beach, S.C. and Birmingham, Alabama have a law in place making it illegal for citizens to give the homeless food or money. If you are caught, you can be fined and even land in jail. That actually happened to a couple named Deborah and Chico Jiminez, of Dayton Beach Park. They were fined $2,000.00 by police for feeding the homeless. I think that is absolutely crazy! Read More below.

As it turns out, the city determined that by the couple feeding them in the parks, they are keeping them away from city run organizations and programs that could help feed them. They also said the Homeless mistreat the park and scare away patrons. What I am really hearing is, don’t keep us from getting our tax write off. (Side eye) . Quite frankly, going to the mission may feed the people, but what are the cities doing to help keep them from being HOMELESS? You have some people who lost their jobs and didn’t have a choice. They do not want to be on the streets asking for money, but you have some suit and tie type folks who won’t give them a chance because of how they look. Meaning how they are dressed, or maybe they have not been able to have a shave in years so their facial hair is not maintained. I applaud the couple for their efforts to help. That fine is ridiculous. SMH

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