Life & Style Magazine Reports Jay Z And Beyonce Might Be Headed To Splitsville

Beyonce destroyed by Jay Z cheating

See this is why I cannot live my personal life publicly. Life & Style Magazine is reporting that Beyonce has found out that Jay Z has been cheating on her. Now usually this is a credible source for the stories reported so I am assuming someone in Yonce’s camp is leaking major tea to them! The magazine reports Jay has been linked to at least 5 women since marrying Bey in 2008.  Read more of this story below.

Take a look at the 5 women allegedly creeping around with Jigga.

Jay Z women

Now Shenelle Scott keeps changing her  story regarding Jay Z being the the father of her son Isa. They say that Jay purchased a mansion for Scott and Isa in Trinidad but it burned down. So she reportedly told friends she moved to NY to be closer Isa’s father, Jay Z.  “He adores Beyonce,” a source told Life & Style. But the source also confirmed Jay Z’s numerous infidelities. “The reason Jay has a wandering eye is simple: He is a very powerful man and women throw themselves at him,” explained the source.

The rapper Liv says, “She has been guarding her sister’s property since day one. Bey doesn’t even have to say anything. Solange is a beast.” Another insider confirmed, “Solange is pushing Beyonce to get divorced.” Sources are saying  that is the reason that Solo popped off on Jigga in the elevator.

A few years back there were rumors that Rihanna was sleeping with him when she was a young teenager. Those claims were never proven true.

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