Unheard Recorded Call Of Tupac Telling Who Shot Him In New York And What He Wanted To Give Back To The Community

This phone call proves that Tupac Amaru Shakur was much more than a “Gangster” rap artist. This recorded call was between Pac and a man named Sanyika Shakur aka Monster Kody, a former  member of the Los Angeles gang Eight Trey Gangsta Crips. He talks about who shot him in New York and why, the alleged rape case and how both of those situations are connected. Pac also talks about an organization that he wanted to bring to states across  the US to help give the youth something to look forward to outside of gang banging.  Video of the call below.

He also talks about how he had compassion for mankind because that what the Black Panther movement taught him. His mother, Afeni Shakur, was the an active member of the Panther party. Gangs were not always about killing people. It started out as a brotherhood, to come together to fight against the downfalls of the inner cities dealing with the police, politicians, poverty etc.

It is kind of surreal hearing him talk about still working on ‘All Eyez On Me’ and just signing to Death Row Records. He was in his prime not knowing what was to come a few short years later. He gives honesty in his music but on this call we can hear the difference between 2pac and Tupac. I was very intrigued listening to this, yet sad he didn’t get the chance to execute this plan. This call is one of the reasons he is my favorite rapper of all time. You can tell that he had a mind for learning and was striving to learn more.  So now I pose the question, what are the rap artists of today doing? What awareness are they bringing to the youth? Is it just about trying to make the new fad to stay relevant? Listen to the call below.

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  1. Phenomenol.

    The problem with today is that we have too many followers and not enough leaders. These music industry rats are making money off of exploitation and brainwashing the youth.

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