Is Cassie Pregnant By Diddy?

Prego Cassie

This picture of model/singer Cassie was posted on her Instagram page. Many fans are saying a “congrats” is order because she is pregnant. This picture is definitely showing major pregnant belly, pregnant boobs and that nose looks pregnant too! After posting the picture, Cassie quickly cropped the pic and reposted it. Which brings me to the question…is she carrying a gut full of Diddy? These two have been in an unconfirmed relationship for years now, are they finally getting serious?

Cassie then posted pics of her in the “same swimsuit” showing  a flat stomach. To me though, the boobs are different in each picture. Check out the pics below.


 Prego Cassie

Does her face look different or could it just be the contouring? Hmmm I guess time will tell.

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