Stevie J Confirms Split From Joseline Hernandez For Sleeping With 30 Men

Bus driver Stevie J announced on his Twitter that he and his (wife?) Joseline were no longer together. Allegedly he found out a few days ago that the self proclaimed “Puerto-Rican Princess” cheated on him with over 30 men which included rappers….and a few gay men?! Stevie says he had overwhelming proof and cut her off.

This happens shortly after Love & Hip Hop co-star Benzino calls Joseline out for being a former street walker. TMZ attempted to reach out to Joseline but she has gone off the radar. She should be completely embarrassed if these facts are true. The verdict is still out on if they are really married (I say nah), but Joseline was adamant that it was Stevie who was messing around. She found pis of different women in his phone. He however was not expecting this. Mona Scott Young will make money off this story line for sure. Check out more on this story. “Stevie didn’t know she was cheating on him, and since he uses condoms, he didn’t think she’d end up pregnant, but when he learned of her scandalous ways, he confronted her and she basically told him what was going on”, a source told MTO.

Stevie J. @hitmansteviej Be grateful for the ones that love you unconditionally. @Dorian_Jordan @SadeJ1 @Stevie_JII @_GTB_23 & Eva Giselle
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