Andre 3000 Stars As Jimi Hendrix In “All By My Side” (Trailer Included)

Is this part of the reason 3stacks was MIA in the music scene? We found out years ago that Outkast member Andre 3000 was selected to portray rock legend Jimi Hendrix. He really got into the part and critics say he does one hell of a job. The movie will start out 4 years before Jimi’s untimely death. The movie shows Jimi as being passionate about his music and about love. He gets so wrapped up in his music that his love life is sacrificed. Check out the trailer below.  

Side by side of Andre 3000 and Jimi Hendrix

From what I can see, Stacks definitely transformed himself for this role and did a good job of it. He is definitely very passionate about his music also so I am sure that helped in his delivery. Now, from what I have read, the Hendrix family is not all on board with this movie. I wonder if it has anything to do with how Jimi died. I know it was reported that he died one way, but I saw a documentary saying that the…”powers that be” actually murdered him. Allegedly he was drowned. Studies show that he had fluids in his lungs as if an abundance of liquor was poured down his throat until he couldn’t breathe.

Hmmm….either way I do want to see this film. I think 3 stacks will not disappoint.

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