Ginuwine Jokes That His Daughter Is A Stripper And Sole Goes Off

Umm….okay…r&b singer Ginuwine is in hot water with every mother across the globe. The other night, the TGT member posted a pic of his daughter Cypress on Instagram, in which she was surrounded by money. The comment he made, alluded to the fact that his daughter may have gotten the dollar bills….stripping. He gets the super side eye. Sole however, was not pleased with his antics. Peep the picture and the comments from both parents below. 

Ginuwine jokes that his daughter is a stripper

This was the photo that was posted. The caption read :

My daughter just came in should I be asking so questions !?????

Man I gotta stay home@more this is getting catastrophic

What would you take from those statements? People went off on him and the daughter. Some came for him attacking that he was a bad father, some came for the daughter accusing her of actually being a stripper. Ginuwine responds below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.53.59 PM

Ginuwine jokes that his daughter is a stripper - Sole responds 1

Sole is clearly not having any of that, and I don’t blame her.

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