Member Of 90’s R&B Group Hi-Five Arrested For Murder

Remember the group Hi Five? They had the hit “I Like The Way” (if you don’t remember watch the video below) which was and still is a radio hit. One of the members, Russell Neal, has been charged with murdering his 24 year old wife in their Houston apartment. July 2, 2014 Neal turned himself into police custody saying his wife was stabbed to death and he needed a lawyer.

Paramedics forced themselves into Neal’s apartment and found his wife, Catherine Martinez dead from multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma.  Neal stated that he and his wife got into an argument, but would say no more until he received a lawyer. He was read his Miranda rights and placed under arrest.

The couple have two young children that are currently with their grandmother.

Neal’s court date was today, we will keep you updated on the outcome.


Russell Neal’s Mugshot


RIP Catherine Hernandez


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