2 Year Old Amputee Shows You Should Never Give Up

This little guy right brought me to tears! Kayden Kinkle was born with a rare birth defect that caused his foot and leg to be amputated. He was recently approved for a prosthetic leg. His mother Nicole Kinkle posted the YouTube video of Kayden walking on his own. He repeatedly says in the video, “I got it, I got it”. The cried a few minutes into watching it. Watching his little self keep pushing it on his own, not letting anything stop him really touched my heart. It definitely shows that able body adults should not be complaining for a thing.

The family has a go fund me account to assist with Kayden’s medical expenses which has caused a huge amount of debt. They have a goal of reaching 50,000 to go towards the medical bills. Kevin’s father says, “If you could do that for one person it’s just such a big accomplishment, but for my son to be able to do that for a whole bunch of people it’s really great, really humbling. Whatever he wants to do or whatever goals and ambitions that he has, whatever he wants to do, I believe nothing can stop him as you can see in the video” . I so agree with that.

Little Kayden’s video went viral and made it to celebrities Facebook accounts such as NFL player Mike Vick, who posted the video.

Watch the video below and get motivated to never give up! (Warning: It is a tear jerker.)

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