Angie Stone Quits R&B Divas

Music icon Angie Stone joined the cast of R&B Divas hoping to be a peacemaker and unite Ke Ke Wyatt, Syleena Johnson, Monifah, and new comers Meelah of 702 and LaTavia Roberson of Destiny’s Child. Angie definitely spoke her mind to the ladies but also gave them wisdom to keep pushing it in their careers. Well allegedly there was more drama happening off the set involving one of the crew members and Angie’s boyfriend Ashanti. Angie has since then advised TV One on the set of the reality show reunion special that she was quitting the show.

A rep for Angie Stone released a statement, see what they had to say. 

Angie Stone has decided to quit the show due to lack of professionalism on behalf of production crew and she did not want to associate herself with that type of behavior and tricks of the trade. She was to be the voice of reason brought on under false pretenses and after speaking and consulting with pastor and church, it was not something she choose to allow in her life.

On the rumor about Ashanti cheating

crossing the line of professionalism … Pursuing a man who is in a committed relationship is disturbing on a multitude of levels.

Ashanti was also Angie’s manager, she has since fired him and will be managed by Wocka Flocka’s mom Deb Atney. Could the reality tv curse be true? Some people join these shows for the checks and think it will help their careers, however, they seem to be hurting their personal lives in the end.

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  1. This article and Angie are both fiction. Angie was getting caught in all her lies and manipulation so somebody had to fall. She has been consistent with reality shows and never takes responsibility for her wackiness. There was nothing 4 her to keep the peace about on R&B Divas, the show isn’t about Drama and has been SO MUCH better once that Brownstone Demon left. Angie is the same over the years and she bailed out before the world started to figure it out. Some of is saw thru all her BS.

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