Are Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Getting Divorced?

Is there something in the water? Why are all of these couples breaking up? Rumors are reportedly saying that Wiz wants to call it quits with his wife, socialite Amber Rose. These two seemed to be so in love with each other and I honestly thought they were made for each other. They seemed to balance each other out. Talkin in Hollyweird is that Wiz has gotten used to sleeping around on the road and feels he should just be single to do what he wants to do. They say it does not take away from the love he has for Amber, however, she isn’t where he wants to be right now.

Media Take Out was able to steal shots of his tweets….were they in reference to Amber? Take a look.

If this is true, it makes me wonder… people believe in a long lasting marriage? Sighs….

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