Artist Spotlight Music Edition : Lil Phlict


Today’s artist spotlight features a rap artist from Detroit by the name of Lil Phlict. Lil Phlict is now in Louisiana making moves with his music. Phlict has been rapping since elementary, he went many years without letting a lot of people know about his lyrical abilities.  He revealed when it comes to his music, he has a point, topic, and the lesson to be learned. He admits his music is for the streets, however, he raps about real things and stays away from fiction lyrics.

While other rappers fantisize about the lifestyle and things they dont have, I’m sending messages out. It may not be the way people want it to be …but it is an important message. -Lil Phlict


Lil Phlict In The Studio.

Listen to some of his tracks below.

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