TBS Cancels Cee Lo’s Reality Show After He Tweets About Rape

He's got contacts: CeeLo can serve his community service through MusiCares Foundation

What was this guy thinking? Former conscious rapper Cee Lo is in hot water again due to some very questionable tweets. For those who didn’t know, Cee Lo just recently plead no contest to date rape charges he had pending against him. Apparently some fans asked him about it on Twitter and his replies were questionable…especially since he has 2 daughters himself. I highly doubt he would accept this response from a man who possibly date raped one of his girls. Read his tweets below.

Rape tweets: Green deleted his account but Buzzfeed had grabs

So basically he is saying as long as you are not conscious, if you are in the presence of someone that means you are okaying sex.
He then tweeted “I sincerely apologize for my comments being taken so far out of context … I’d never condone the harm of any women.” and then he deleted his Twitter account. That was not enough. A woman’s group filed a petition to get his reality show off the air, TBS caved and canceled the show.

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