Unresponsive Plane Crashes In Jamaica

Unresponsive US plane

A private jet left Rochester NY and was supposed to land in Naples, FL this Friday morning. However, something went wrong and the news reported that the unresponsive plane was flying past its destination. According to the FAA, air traffic controllers attempted to reach the pilot several times. They report the last actual communication they had with the pilot was around 10 am EST. After no response from the pilot, the controllers dispatched two F-15 fighter jets to the location they picked up from the plane to make sure everything was okay.

Around 2 p.m, Flightaware, an airplane tracking website,  showed the plane over the Caribbean. Jamaican officials say unresponsive US plane has crashed on the island. They believe the passengers  lost consciousness due to a drop in cabin pressure. A drop in cabin pressure means lack of oxygen. The passengers have been named Larry and Jane Glazer of Rochester, NY and were both licensed pilots.

The governor of NY has made a public statement about the couple. “The Glazers were innovative and generous people who were committed to revitalising downtown Rochester and making the city they loved a better place for all,” says Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

That right there is a scary thought my friend. I love to travel and flying is more convenient, however, this blows my mind.

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