Video Footage Of Ray Rice Knocking Out His Wife In Elevator Leaks

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is being seen in a new light today. Surveillance footage has been leaked to the public of Rice and his then fiancee Janay Palmer in an elevator in Atlantic City, NJ. The two apparently got into a fight which resulted in Rice punching Palmer who hit her head and became unconscious. Rice then drags her body out of the elevator. This incident happened back in February, and in March he was charged with a felony for assault. His wife refused to testify against him.

Before this video, we only saw him dragging her body out and could not peace together what led up to that. Now we know. The NFL Roger Goodell initially only suspended Rice from 2 games due to his actions. That sparked an outrage with the public as well as some of the NFL players. They felt the issue of domestic violence is far more serious and the penalties should be more severe. The NFL received thousands of phone calls, and people started petitions with ten thousands of signatures collected. With the pressure on, Goodell reversed his decision at the end of August saying,  “both for the decision and for ensuring that our actions in the future properly reflect our values. I didn’t get it right.” Going forward the new policy is that any employee, including non-players, would be suspended for six games for a first offense of domestic violence and a minimum of a year for a second offense.

Watch the video below.

Janay says she knows she played a role in the incident and was extremely sorry for her doing. Ray has said the same. His actions after knocking her out are strange for someone that is sorry. I understand she was probably heavy but he just threw her on the floor and tossed her legs as if he was taking out the trash. What will this mean for his career?

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