Kanye West Asks Man In A Wheelchair To Stand During His Concert (Video)

He really thinks he is God huh? Outspoken Chicago rapper Kanye West held a concert in Sydney, Australia over the weekend. While giving the audience a great performance he notices not everyone is standing up in regular cult fashion. He stops performing and stated he would not continue until everyone stood. See what he says below.

“I decided that I can’t do the rest of this song unless everybody stands up. Unless you’ve got a handicapped pass, and you get special parking and sh-t. I will see you if you don’t stand up.”

After he says this, he looks around and notices that two people were still sitting. One even started to wave their prosthetic leg to prove why they could not stand up. Kanye then says

“Is he in a wheelchair? We gotta wait then….This is the longest I ever had to wait to start a song. Unbelievable. But if he is in a wheelchair, it’s fine.”

Mr. West then sends his security team to “verify” the man was actually in a wheelchair. That had to be very humiliating to be singled out like that in a stadium with thousands of people watching.

A spokesperson for People With Disability Australia spoke out saying “Asking disabled people to show their handicap pass is patronising and inappropriate. He should apologise. Kanye West would also benefit from disability awareness training.”

Watch the video of Kanye single out his fan. Was he over the top?

According to close sources Kanye did not have any malicious intent and has done nice things for his fans who have handicaps before.

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