New Season Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Trailer Released

Real Housewives of Atlanta trailer 2014 1

Bravo is definitely shaking things up with the Houswives of Atlanta. So much is going on and I don’t even know where to begin. Bravo released the trailer and it shows moments where I had to clutch my pearls. Everyone did return to the show (Ne Ne, Kenya, Cynthia, Phaedra, Kandi and Porsha), however there are two new comers to the show, singer/actress Demetria McKenny and TV host Claudia Jordan. Now I know Demetria from Tyler Perry’s shows, haven’t heard too much bad about her. However, the “in crowd” definitely has things to say about Claudia Jordan. She was a co-host on Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ tv show that aired on VH1. She had major beef with fellow host Tamar Braxton too. I heard that she had a bad attitude and definitely was labeled as promiscuous. Now of course we are all innocent until proven guilty right? Lol. Ne Ne and Kenya seem to be on better terms too by the way.

From the trailer we can see that Ne Ne is not too fond of Miss Jordan and now neither is Porsha. Apparently Claudia and Porsha’s ex-husband Kordell Stewart are getting friendly. What is so ironic to me is that Kordell did not want to be on the show anymore, however he is finding whatever way possible to have some type of appearance. (When the checks stop coming in?)

Real Housewives of Atlanta trailer 2014 4

There are also some serious problems with Phae Phae and Apollo. Honestly their chemistry didn’t seem too right in the beginning so I am not shocked that they are on their way to divorce, but the trailer appears as though they have some serious issues outside of him going to jail. Let’s take a look.


Real Housewives of Atlanta trailer 2014 8

The Apollo and Phaedra scene looks drama filled! Her precious little babies were shown in one scene with her and they melted my heart.
My next question… Phaedra cheating on Apollo with a “Chocolate” man?

So much drama on that little clip. I am ready to watch the season…

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