TI Gets Snoop Dogg To Apologize To Iggy Azalea

Well that beef didn’t long. Yesterday we posted about a feud forming between rappers Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azelea. Her boyfriend even jumped in it on social media addressing Snoop. TI, Iggy’s mentor, stepped in and gave the OG a call. Snoop got on Instagram confirming that he did have a conversation with Tip.

Hey boys and girls. I just got off the phone with my homeboy Tip, the king of Atlanta, and it’s officially over. No more bad talk. I apologize. Yeah I apologize. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

It’s over I’m back on my cool sh-t no harm no foul. #ifitaintaboutthemuch love @troubleman31trespect sorry bout that

Iggy responded on Twitter, “I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg Let that be that people, time to focus on the positive things I’ve got going on. no time to dwell on the negative.”

Snoop IG 2


TI squashed the issue before it got too out of hand. He is known to have been the reason other industry beefs were ended.

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