Spanky From Wild N’ Out Says Tyrese Performed Sexual Acts On Male Producers For Baby Boy Lead

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Is someone still hurt he got beat out of the role or is he spilling major tea ! Spanky Hayes is a 28 year old cast member from the hit MTV show Wild N’ Out. Apparently the Detroit native auditioned for the lead role of Jody in the movie Baby Boy. Now if my math is right, Hayes was only 15 at the time the movie came out so let’s see if his story adds up. According to Spanky, one of the producers wanted to know how bad the guys wanted to be “Jody”, by asking them who was going to give him oral sex.

Tyrese decided to respond to the allegations with a Facebook video. Watch below for Spanky’s interview and then Tyrese’s response

You got pull like that Tyrese? Hmmm well seems like Spanky may have committed career suicide.

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