Did Birdman Come Out The Closet Years Ago? Video Footage May Show He Prefers Men.

There have been suspected talk about the sexuality of sometimes rapper/Cash Money Records CEO Brian “Baby/Birdman” Williams for some time now. Ever since the photo was released showing he and Lil Wayne embracing in a kiss people have wondered, is he really gay? Well an old video has surfaced showing the old Cash Money Crew on stage during one of their concerts. I remember going to their concerts back then, and they would pull women up on stage to dance to Juvenile’s hit song “Back That Azz Up”. Well, on this video Birdman starts to call up men on the stage…..that’s a little odd being that the women are supposed to be up there to dance. I continue to watch and a statement he says is what has caught the media’s attention. He says “I f**k with ni**as too” and calls a nice amount of guys to the stage. His then partner Mannie Fresh comes out and says there are too many men on stage and they need more women lol. Watch the video below and listen for yourself. (The first few minutes of the video are promotion for whoever did the video so you can bypass that).

Cash Money artist Young Thug calls Birdman his lover and posted about them kissing each other.

Young Thug Kisses Birdman, Calls Him His 'Lover'


Birdman is allegedly dating my R&B homie Keyshia Cole….for her sake I hope he is not in the closet. Unfortunately so many men are so they do not have to deal with the world.

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