Video Of Beyonce Goes Viral Of Her In A Daze. Social Media Questions Her Sobriety.

A video has gone viral of Beyonce at a basketball game with her husband Jay Z. The video shows her looking as if she is in a daze and may be humming a tune. She definitely looks like she may have had a drink or something but that may have not been the case. Take a look at the video and tell me what do you see.

It definitely doesn’t look like regular Bey that we see at the games. She does look to be a bit out of it, maybe she did have a drink or something. Maybe she was just tired. Other blogs however are saying that she has popped molly, smoked weed (could be), and the list goes on and on. I don’t believe in slander so I won’t go that far without any proof. People are saying the pressures of the world are getting to her. That could be true being she is a world icon. She has to maintain a lifestyle, image on and off the screen. I just hope whatever may be wrong if there is anything wrong, doesn’t make her go over the deep end.

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