Young Jeezy Gives Speech To Detroit Youth At Juvenile Detention Center

Jeezy, an Atlanta-based rapper, visits the Wayne County

Based on what I saw on my Instagram, Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy brought the whole city out when he performed yesterday in Detroit, MI. Before he touched the stage he touched a few lives Friday afternoon by visiting Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center. He gave a motivational speech to about 120 kids ranging from ages 8-18. He spoke to the kids for about 15 minutes about his childhood and the mistakes he made growing up.  He told the kids,
“Don’t be trapped by that youthful perspective. Once you get to a certain age, you realize that life is bigger than what your surroundings are.” He continued by saying, “This isn’t even the end of the world. This is just the point where you’ve got to make a decision.  “You’re in juvenile hall — it (can get) worse from here. So you’ve got to make a decision. I just came here to talk to you — you’ve got to make the decision.”

He acknowledged that growing up in inner city Detroit (especially today) is not easy, and only the strong survive. “Detroit is not an easy city, I’m sitting here looking at y’all — you’ve got some serious looks on your faces. I can only imagine what half of y’all’s stories are. But when you sit down and think about it, all of our stories are the same: We just want to be successful, take care of our loved ones, and do the things we love in life.”

After the speech, Jeezy met the kids in the crowd and spoke with them one on one with a few of them. One young man even admitted to trying to get out of a gang. The 14 year old boy then wanted to know more about the chains around Jeezy’s neck. Jeezy spoke his reply in his ear. Jeezy revealed later what he told him.  “I let him know that it’s nothing but gold, material out of the ground,” he said later. “It ain’t really worth anything, especially for you to be in here. So when you get out, just know it’s bigger than this.”

I love that Jeezy took the time out to talk to the kids. The center wanted someone the kids could relate to that came from similar backgrounds but changed their surroundings. Being a Detroit native I hope that our youth can pull it together, the city needs you! You are our future. Big shout out to Jeezy for showing our city love!

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