RHOA Season 7 Premieres. Was Phaedra Shady For Not Showing Up To Apollo’s Sentencing?

Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7 debuted Sunday night on Bravo. The episode has the world talking about Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage. Apparently so much has been going on that the cameras did not catch. Now, a few months ago we posted on Web Celeb Daily about the divorce and that Phaedra did not show up for his sentencing. Last night however, we were able to see it for ourselves. While Apollo was receiving his 8 year sentence, Phaedra decided it was best not to take her boys to the court house to avoid paparazzi and for the babies not to see their dad in that form. Instead she went out of town and took her boys to a hotel. RHOA fans are sounding off about Phaedra and that decision. Most of them are saying she was dead wrong for not showing up. In Phaedra’s mind, showing up would not have changed anything.

The day of sentencing, Apollo was in his home and caught off guard when he discovered Phaedra had no plans to show up. He said, 

“The woman I thought was supposed to be there for me and cherish me is nowhere to be found”. “I’m not a murderer, I’m not a child molester … I understand what I’ve done is wrong, but it’s fixable.”  Phaedra on the other end is saying, “Apollo’s actions are the ultimate betrayal … I thought he was a changed man.”  Phaedra and the kids returned home the day after the sentencing only for her and Apollo to get into the heated argument about betrayal, abandonment and money.  Apollo then said  “I don’t want to be in this relationship no more. I’m gonna talk to divorce counsel and go my own way.” Word on the street is he wanted to divorce Phaedra AFTER his sentence, but Phaedra patiently waited for him to enter the prison, and then she started court proceedings.

What do you guys think? Was Phaedra wrong for not showing up to court with her husband? She clearly was hurt and upset about his choices but not only that, he may have cheated on her….but that’s tea for another post! Would you have shown up? How will she explain that to her children? They are what is truly important in the matter.

We will definitely be tuned in next week.

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