Is Bill Cosby Talking About Drugging Women For Sex In Stand Up Routine?

I found this recording of Bill Cosby doing stand up for his “It’s True It’s True” comedy album back in 1969. There is a part in the stand up where he discusses something called “Spanish Fly”. Spanish Fly is a drug made from beetles. It is used as an aphrodisiac to increase sexual desire, however can be toxic and the person taking the drug can overdose.

Cosby talks about being told about the drug when he was 13 and how while at a party he wishes he had an entire jug of Spanish Fly to give to women. Listen to the routine.

Now when Rick Ross rapped about putting a date rape drug in a women’s drink he was scrutinized….what will be people say regarding this stand up? Are things different because he is “Bill Cosby”?

Many women said that Bill Cosby is a powerful man and have many connections. Since a lot of the women that have come forward are “industry related”, could that be a reason why they didn’t come forward? How much more will come to the forefront? When will Bill Cosby address the allegations? His new sitcom with NBC and dedication special from Comedy Central have both been canceled due to the pressure of the allegations.

What do you think of these allegations?

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