Chris Rock Explains His Beef With Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy

Chris Rock interviewed with The Breakfast Club while on his promo tour for his new movie Top 5. While interviewing, Chris Rock touched on the beef that he has with shows own host DJ Envy. Apparently, Rock and Envy’s daughters played against each other in a basketball game. Rock’s daughter’s team lost and refused to sign autographs for the kids. At that moment DJ Envy says he was no longer a Chris Rock fan. Chris says he thinks Envy is an asshole.

On the interview Chris says,

Envy coaches his daughter’s team and his daughter’s good and there’s this girl on his daughter’s team that’s like Shaq. Like she’s ridiculous. So they’re like beating my daughter’s team by like 40. It’s three minutes left in the game. Take Shaq out….You know, I’m not saying loose the game…Let the girls who don’t usually get a chance, but he kept Shaq in the whole game. Is like who is this guy? He’s an a–hole it’s like…it’s not even a debatable situation here. I don’t run around calling people assholes. He’s a decent DJ, he’s alright…

DJ Envy caught the interview and jumped on Twitter.

Hmmm if this over an autograph, I feel that the beef could have been squashed, seems like its much deeper to me.

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